A Students Life

i'm Casey
studying Applied Science at RMIT
moved to Melbourne from a small country town
bloging about my experiences and life in the big city
i'm always keen to answer any questions you have about university, moving to Melbourne and other things


Well, teal hair happened. I really want to cut my hair short again at the back but I don’t know. 

It was my friends 21st last night, it was nice to see people.

starting to fool around on photoshop last night, thought Id post it on here

so i totally got the job at university, i start training on the 7th. Its pretty cool i guess

My family really know how to keep me happy….

Hour until my exam, crying on the inside, chemistry is such a cruel mistress.


Re-dyed my hair purple, it matches my blanket. Really not ready for my exam tomorrow, or the phone interview for this job at uni. I think i might actually cry on the phone, after i make a fool of myself stuttering and spelling my own name wrong. Don’t even get me started on the 2 hour group work interview…..

Well, this is a surprise that I’m very much not prepared for

Its really cold and I slightly wanna die


Oops, accidentally purchased two more Terry Brooks novels to add to my collection….. And finished them both in a day, need more can’t go on…